Imagine running a department without incumbents and expecting top rated performance interrelated with organizational growth and success. Considering the current top rated organizations now a days, their efforts in building teams plays a genuine role in the overall success of the organization. Team building is the phenomenon of a vast range of activities presented to improve the performance.

Team building is designed not just for annual or weekly activities for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization rather it relates all the routine and daily activities which are related to the success and goals. All facets of organizational success is quite linked with the vision that any specific goal and objective is shared within the team. Teams are referred to long term success. They appear as one unit within the company representing a departmental unit and shared vision of the organization.

Team building is observed in day-to-day activities and operations of the organization and Dynamic Teams are built and improved by successful and improved leadership. The key factors related in advanced team building includes;

• Self-development of the individual

• effective and positive communication

• Leadership skills

• Ability to work as a unit to work closely

• Solving each other’s problems

For a team to be successful, all the members of the team should be able to give and receive feedback to improve the performance. The effectiveness of the team members can be observed by analysing how focused and clear the goal of the team is. Team building and team effectiveness is achieved with a comfortable and accepting environment with an honest and affirmative communication.

Teams are influenced by Leaders as leaders are the one who is focused on the goal and builds confidence of each team members. Successful teams have organized set of priorities set by leaders and they believe in performance through feedback. Team training promotes teamwork and enhances team performance.

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