CLO Summit 2014On October 9th -10th, G-Cube attended India’s largest and most prestigious Chief Learning Officers’ Summit, which brought together learning leaders from different industries from all over India and the world. The event was also a forum that included prominent personalities from the field of Sports, Literature and Journalism. The theme of event was – Organizational Learning: Impacting business, Changing the game. And we believe that the greatest trend that is changing the game, transforming the way people learn in the 21st century is Technology-aided Learning.

G-Cube has been at the vortex of the shift towards technology-aided learning since the days of early adoption. Today, our learning and experience has culminated in the creation of e-learning solutions that mirror what industry experts confer – about what workplace learning is all about today and what modern workplace learners really want out of learning.
The learners’ perspective: Solutions to cater to the needs of the workplace learner:
  1. Variety in Learning: 
  2. Multi-device learning experience
  3. Social interactions and Gamification in Learning
The organizations’ perspective: Solutions to cater to the needs of the modern workplac
  1. Assessments and Reporting
  2. Cloud-based learning solutions
  3. End-to-end learning solutions
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