The recruitment landscape is constantly changing and new models are being introduced all the time to address the ways in which organisations are able to source their talent. There are many traditional recruitment consultancies who would disagree with what our own service offers   – a fixed fee online recruitment model – with sourcing techniques targeting passive candidates as well as active jobseekers –  because they see it as devaluing the service that they offer. However I would argue that there is room for different models to suit different needs.  And with 70% of candidates saying that their first port of call for a new job is the internet then a technology led solution to building talent communities and pipelines surely has to be the future?

 Sure there are recruitment consultancies that add value and serve the needs of their clients who may need a full outsourced service. But there are also organisations who are willing – and able – to play a more hands on role within the hiring process so why shouldn’t they be allowed that option too?

It’s a bit like the Ipod – it has changed the way many people buy their music – but it hasn’t stopped the sale of CDs – and in fact vinyl sales are up 40% this year!

So what do HR professionals think – how do you source your talent? What technologies do you find are the most successful?

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