This afternoon I was sent a pile of emails – nothing unusual there. However, one of the surveys digitally thrown my way did catch my attention with the headline “HR workers among happiest”.

Did you know; according to a survey of people including HR workers, almost half of the HR personnel were quoted as being in their dream job. Nearly a quarter adore their work so much they can never imagine quitting.

However, if they did, 32% would love to be a motoring journalist ‘like Jeremy Clarkson’. A further 21% would like to be a celebrity chef ‘like Nigella Lawson’ and a good few, 11%, dream of being an ‘adventurer similar to Bear Grylls’. Naturally, you have to wonder whether it’s the personality, admirable skills or sex appeal of the nominated three which might play a part in this, rather than the actual job role.

Although we might find ourselves defining ourselves with our jobs, in reality, even if we did a different role, we would be similar people, albeit with different life experiences.

I don’t know how reliable this survey is – it claimed these people were voted as having the best jobs in the world:

1. Simon Cowell
2. The Queen
3. Richard Branson
4. Cheryl Cole
5. President Obama
6. David Beckham
7. JK Rowling
8. Hugh Hefner
9. The Pope
10. Father Christmas

Apparently those in HR love to write too, with 43% saying they’d like to write for their favourite magazine. Interestingly, 14% think they can write better than most journalists. Strangely enough, I thought that was fascinating, but as you know, here on we’re not precious. Indeed, we encourage you to write and get your creative juices flowing in your own blog, airing your opinion on a discussion group, or simply commenting on anything and pretty much everything. We don’t take offence, so don’t be shy.

Why not start now? Are you in your dream job? And if not, would you like to be Nigella or Jeremy?

Do let me know, along with any other thoughts: email [email protected] or leave a comment!

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