Even in the wildest dreams of London’s Top Hat Cleaners’ management team,  would it ever have thought someone could come into the shop and ask about a Top Hat

But this is The Apprentice 2011, and anything can happen!

Last night it was Gavin ‘chill chill, calm down, calm down’ Winstanley who was sent home after a Specsavers catalogue of incredible leadership errors.

The Apprentice gives us at Muika Leadership plenty to talk about in term of developing leadership skills, and last night was no exception – with the art of negotiation, influence and time-management playing key themes.

We were witness to some very strange behaviours regarding these themes, and also some very successful styles of negotiation, influence and time-management. One aspect of successful negotiation and influence was the building of rapport when getting a discount on the goods. Rapport is about the ability to make immediate connections with another person or group, so that they feel valued and not ‘shafted’.

Sadly, being ‘shafted’ is something that you have to get used to if you plan to go on The Apprentice, because every week the tables turn towards the end of the episode.

Rapport is vital in all aspects of effective leadership, because it not only helps build trust and respect, but also ensures that individuals work successfully together.

Likewise, time-management is the personal and professional responsibility  of everyone. Gavin’s chillaxed approach was to talk to himself while under emmense pressure as he tried to work out what on earth a cloche was. He cracked, and so did his team. Gavin failed to create, let alone influence his ‘team’.

However, never let it be said that we are only here to criticise, praise indeed to Jim Eastwood’s Northern Irish charm and Susan Ma’s exceptional organisational skills. But it was Gavin who chilled too much, and must now return to his £10,000 per week opticians business…we won’t feel too sorry for him.

Until next week…

Karen Murphy
Muika Leadership
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