Natasha, Natasha, Natasha (tut, tut, tut), we’ve been warning you for weeks – don’t let your dislike of Susan to become your focus, rather than focus on how best to achieve the task. This week was no different. Rather than look to create an innovative brand, menu and product, Natasha withdrew from the process to a degree and allowed others to irritate. The three did not appear a cohesive unit, or more importantly, a team.


For once we got it right, our prediction was spot on and Natasha felt the fiery wrath of Lord Sugar.


We do not need to like everyone we work with. However, we do need to work together for the greater good of the business, and if we allow others to niggle us, annoy us, or distract us, it only serves to devalue our own performance. Keep a keen eye on the job at hand. We often blame others for the impact they have on us, and so blame them for our own performance. However, each and every one of us has 100% control of how we choose to think, feel and behave. When we blame others for our actions, we give away our power – this makes the individual and the team less effective.


Tonight, we saw Natasha do just this. From the start of the process, she allowed her dislike of Susan to detract from her own performance. How often do we do this, and focus on others, rather than ourselves and our own performance?


When we learn to use our power, and focus on what we have control over, we are truly focussing our thinking, and more likely to achieve the success that we want.

Karen Murphy

Focussed Thinking programme – Muika Leadership