The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is increasingly becoming very popular amongst top business executives. So popular has the MBA become that most people are beginning to think that the MBA is losing its value. As a matter of fact, a great number of people are of the opinion that the MBA does not make any meaningful contribution to the quality of leadership the business executive is likely to exhibit on the job. The argument put forward by these people stems from the fact that they think lessons taught at the MBA level are only theoretical with little or no correlation with the real world.

The other argument is that the MBA is an unnecessary financial expenditure that will not repay itself. This is because the critics of the MBA think that there are currently few job vacancies that pay huge salaries to the MBA holder, therefore making the MBA unattractive. 

Furthermore, to obtain an MBA the individual will have to go back to business school to pursue an academic program that will last for not less than 18 months in a traditional campus based university. This can bring untold financial hardship to the fellow as the person will have to probably quit his or her job in order to engage in full time studies. 

It is clear for all to see that the arguments against the MBA is a one sided one that only considers people who are only looking to start their own small scale business. If, on the other hand, you are looking to start and build a career in business administration then an MBA is the degree that will help you do just that. If you think the MBA has become popular and as such is losing value, then what are you still doing with your bachelor’s degree? The MBA is the degree with which you can attract the attention of potential employers. Without an MBA, you will have to compete with millions of bachelor’s degree holders for very limited vacancies in the job market. 

The argument that the MBA only impacts theoretical knowledge in a person without grooming the fellow for the practical world does not hold water. This is because the MBA program teaches aspiring executives several strategies and concepts that are not learnt at the bachelor’s degree level. The concepts and principles of Business Management even though are important cannot be learnt outside the classroom. The modern day MBA program equips the graduate with both practical and theoretical knowledge. The MBA graduate is not a graduate who is only equipped with theoretical knowledge without a feel of real life scenarios. This is because the student will be required to undertake a comprehensive dissertation service before graduating from the institution. The student will also have access to internship programs in reputable institution. Through the dissertation service which is basically made up of research into the area of study and the internship program, the aspiring executive would be put in a suitable position to make a difference in an organization.

This is the reason why MBA holders in companies and organizations are paid significantly higher salaries than those without an MBA. In addition, when it comes to filling top managerial positions, the MBA holder always has the upper hand. Last but not the least; it is possible to learn for an MBA whiles engaged in active employment through online MBA programs. These programs take a significantly shorter time to complete and cost far less than the traditional degree program.

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Article has been written by James Anderson. He is a graduate and works at an organization that help academic graders in their write-ups by providing them custom write-ups and making them buy coursework on multiple topics.