The appeasing capability of HR has always been on a debatable platform. Why has the world seen ‘HR’ with a constricted eye? Is this only because we serve as mediators between the Management and Employees? Why is there a lack of understanding that we are no greater than the rest in the organization?

Like the two sides of the coin, this can be approached from two dimensions, one being the view of the world outside and the other within HR.

Many a times it is perceived that the HR works one way (i.e.) we execute the needs of the Management and fail to accommodate the needs of employees.  Secondly, the approaches that HR takes in communicating decisions (usually the one with a negative impact) are not in the likes of the rest of the organization. An example of this situation would be when we have reached the end of the road with an Employee. There are many styles in which this decision could be communicated, but the situation would rarely buy in the chosen style as it would be trounced by the intensity of the decision itself.

Having said the above, it is not very common for people to understand that HR are in the same shoes as the rest and it is the mere responsibility bestowed on them that is being executed. Often do people fail to realize that this is also just a casing where normal Human Beings exist with the ability to make a difference with mutual cooperation.

On the other note, there are instances when realizations fail within the HR minds on the drastic difference they can create in the organization. With the ethics and humane touch to their role, the benefits reaped would be of greater value. As the well-known fact claims: The learning/working experience with the organization determines the satisfaction levels of the employees; and one of the key drivers of this is the HR.

For the world outside of HR: the HR world is no lesser or greater than the others and will have to perch for the right opportunity to make the difference. And this ‘perching’ is not the appropriate origin for fingers to be pointed as their inability to function or create a change as desired. And not to say the least, it is a lesser known fact that most often the HR department is as good as the company is.