The value that training and development can bring to an organisation is priceless. Having access to the right content, as and when it’s needed whilst using a multitude of platforms will greatly improve the pool of talent in any organisation.

Access to personal development and training opportunities gives employees a sense of value; it helps them feel that they are growing with the company, and encourages them to picture their career with the company long-term. For example we provide £3,000 per year towards further education as well as a £200 personal development allowance to be spent on fulfilling a personal learning aspiration that isn’t related to the employee’s job. Initiatives such as these will help to breed staff retention and encourage motivation. It's important to make employees feel wanted, but it’s also vital to allow them to provide feedback regarding their own experiences on a regular, or even a continual basis.

Our recent study highlighted the importance of nurturing talent within the workplace and a staggering 90% of Brits feel unsatisfied at work and a surprising 87% want their employers to nurture their talent through personal development, training and external learning opportunities over a higher salary.

In terms of HR, your focus should be on the total well-being of your employees whilst creating an inspiring and nurturing atmosphere where employees can truly thrive.

Ultimately the happier people are in their jobs, the more productive they are and a way to ensure that they are happy is to invest in their training and personal development. It’s mutually beneficial and you will transform your professional environment into a place where people enjoy coming to work.