Every company, business, place of work has some form of HR department to deal with the typical issues that come with employing staff. The main point is that not everyone can be happy all of the time and when you spend a majority of your life in your place of work it is understandable that some issues will crop up. This is the purpose of the HR department: to sort out the problems; work alongside the management and the staff to ensure peace and tranquillity within the work place. Often, the HR department doesn’t seem to fulfil its duties. It is a crucial cog in the workplace machine and just doesn’t live up to its purpose with many members of staff being at a loss as to what it is they really do…

The main point of the HUMAN RESOURCES team is to “develop, advise and implement policies within the workplace” and generally find a way to keep staff and managers alike happy.

Employees are often reluctant to visit the department through fear of jeopardising their position within the company if they are considered to be the ‘moaner’ but this simply isn’t the case. No one can be sacked for asking for advice or reporting something that makes coming to work a chore rather than a pleasure. Employment law is clear in the way in which employees are treated and the benefits and entitlements they are permitted and the HR department needs to be constantly aware of this and striving to ensure employees are not only aware but are actually receiving what they should be. It can be no mean feat to keep lots of different people happy, and there are a vast amount of areas which need to be overseen by HR, which is a challenge, yet it is a necessity and something, which every business that employees people needs to consider. It is the only way to really ensure managers are left to fulfil their positions without having to deal with the issues of the staff and to ensure the company is adhering to the employment law regulations.

HR Areas

It is crucial that all employees are completely aware of what the HR department does, why they are there, how they can help them and most importantly the people they need to turn to with problems, questions and queries…

·      Policies – an important thing within any company, new polices can be frequent by the management and the law and they need to be understood and implemented

·      Employment – the right staff and the right amount of staff often falls to the HR department with the powers to hire and fire

·      Training – an important area for all employees to do their current job and for career progression

·      Payment – being paid makes everything worth while and any money discrepancies, pay reviews and bonuses are a HR issues

·      Equality and diversity – two of the most important aspects within every place of work, the HR department is responsible for making sure that employees are treated equally and the diversity of staff is fair

·      Disciplinary procedures – these can often occur when employing a large amount of people, it is to be expected that some people just don’t fulfil the ideal behaviour of a position

·      Company principles – every organisation will have a purpose, intent and principles which need to be up held and it begins with the HR department by them spreading the intent to the staff

For employees unhappy in their place of work, the HR department is the first port of call, which will have to quickly progress to higher powers if the original issues remain, in extreme cases where the employee feels no resolution it may be time to reconsider the position within the company and look for something that will make going to work pleasurable and jobstoday.co.uk is the perfect place to start…