“Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines”

The trickle is turning into a flood. Almost daily now we are seeing more and more issues pile up which, on the whole, are not being tackled head-on or are being addressed with a “sticking plaster” approach. We are talking here about education costs, housing, employment, pensions, health costs, care costs and increasing life expectancy – and there are probably others too.   

We are fast approaching the time when we must acknowledge the need for a complete paradigm shift. A new conceptual framework is required to cope with the new realities together with a dismantling of old structures, old ideas and old platforms underpinning our life course aspirations and actions.  

There are some who don’t yet see this is happening. There are many institutions for which this will not make good reading and which have vested interests in preserving the status quo and so are side stepping it. And there are the myriad issues for government in managing the various pressures in an acceptable, palatable and understandable way. But the overall course of events is in one direction only.

There is much more to be written and discussed but, in the meantime, what can we do on an individual basis to ensure that we can achieve as much as possible and still remain with our heads above water in financial terms?

We offer the WEASEL way.

Work longer

Earn more

Act earlier and save more

Stay fit and healthy

Enjoy life at each stage

Live cheaper

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get”