Compliance, something we all dread but, by the same virtue, something we all rely on everyday.

Jon Snow of Channel 4 News blogged earlier about his ride to work in this morning's sunshine. Jon's ride takes him just around the corner from the iTrain London Studio. (The cyclists here in the Stratus Team commented on the great weather too!)

Whether heading to ITN, a bank in the City, country lovers to London or here everyday – buses and delivery lorries safely pass cyclists without knowing that cyclists lives are in the hands of their employers compliance. Many haulage employers now specifically cover bike awareness training.

Did you know that bike awareness training is often run as blended learning? It's an innovative approach getting lorry drivers onto bikes and experiencing the road, with 16 fewer wheels! The idea of blending formal and informal ways of training is not new and it is still the most effective way of making sure that your employees are well equipped with knowledge.

The training which consists of 'hands on' part is followed by a short film which can be watched here:" plus a few refresher eLearning courses later on.

To find out what is the most effective way of blended learning implementation please read Stratus blog.

Duncan Brown,Director at training, technology and resourcing companies iTrain, Stratus and Kukhule, Duncan has worked in L&D for 18 years in the US and UK

Iga Szczygiel Marketing Lead for Stratus, internet lover and social media savvy

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