The popularity of games in learning is contributing to the immense growth of the gaming industry. Learning games are fast gaining popularity – in educational as well as corporate circles. Many popular video games are being re-furbished for educational purpose and many original games are also being designed to facilitate training. But there is often a disconnect between the advances in video game technology and the research on its design and effectiveness. While technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace, not many developers fully understand the ways to apply instructional design while designing games and thereby optimize the immense capabilities of game-based learning.

While most game developers are experts in creating the above components, instructional strategies also have to be applied while creating the different levels and components of a learning game. Here is how we adapted the 5E instructional model to create a learning game for the sales function of a leading FMCG company:
The 5E instructional model is:
  1. Engage
  2. Explore
  3. Explain
  4. Elaborate
  5. Evaluate

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