Recognise This: If people aren’t appreciating each other, your employee recognition programme is a failure.

Check out my post on Compensation Café today, Signs Your Recognition Programme Is in Trouble, in which I discuss three signs you know your employee recognition programme isn’t working:

1) A visitor’s reaction to the general atmosphere upon crossing the threshold is, “I’m glad I don’t work here.”

2) A consultant is the first person to make a 28-year employee feel like his thoughts and opinions are valuable and listened to.

3) Employees aren’t participating in the programme, no matter how good you think your recognition and rewards programme is.

In the post, I dive more deeply into the drivers behind these signs of programme failure and what you – at any level in the organisation – can do about it.

I also mention our own survey results, announced today:

“The first semi-annual report for the Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker shows recognition ambivalence among today’s employees in the United States. Whilst 68 per cent of those surveyed feel appreciated at their jobs, an alarming 41 per cent of workers are not satisfied with the level of recognition they receive for doing good work. Indicative of both the infrequency and non-personal nature of many of today’s employee recognition programmes, 43 per cent of U.S. workers had not been recognised in the past three months. More importantly, a startling 55 per cent felt they were not rewarded according to job performance, indicating a critical disconnect between recognition and performance.”

These results parallel findings from a SmartBrief on Workforce poll earlier this month in which only 15% agreed their incentive programme is effective.

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