I heard an interview with Howard Jacobson the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2010 as I drove home last night. After being an early favourite to win he’d been relegated by the bookies to the bottom of the list. As a result of no longer having an expectation of winning he commented that he’d really enjoyed the evening – eating, talking, drinking etc. It came as a HUGE surprise therefore when he was announced as the winner.

I wonder how often our expectations – whether good or bad – get in the way of us enjoying the moment. Howard certainly suggested that if he’d know he was a possible winner he’d not have enjoyed the evening. It’s sad that such a great day might have been marred by the expectations weighing so heavily. Although he found time to promise his wife he’d buy her a handbag with his winnings :-).

My personal trainer had me doing 10/20/30/30/20/10 repetitions of a number of exercises this morning. The dread started with my first repetition – ie before the effects of the physical exertion kicked in. I certainly wasn’t happy on one exercise when I thought I was on my 2nd set of 30 to find I was only on my first. Not because of the level of discomfort but the expectation of how much was still to come.

I can think of many other instances where expectations – good or bad – have seriously impacted our lives up until an outcome is known – and who knows may have even negatively impacted the outcome itself.

So lets release our expectations and experience the moment and lets notice what we notice.

Alison Smith
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