Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Giving up the most mainstream career option after graduation and choosing to be different and live life on your own terms by establishing a startup, takes a lot to pursue. But if once a firm decision is taken, then there’s nothing that can stop success. But just having an idea is not enough. A startup needs proper human resources which is efficient and hard work attracts success like a magnet. Being new to the recruitment process, startups quite often tend to mess up the recruiting process and end up hiring the wrong person which can harm and hinder the growth process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               [[{"fid":"15663","view_mode":"content_full_width","fields":{"alt":"JOIN US","style":"height: 116px; width: 350px;","class":"media-element file-large-image","data-delta":"3","format":"content_full_width","field_image_accreditation[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"JOIN US"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"3":{"alt":"JOIN US","style":"height: 116px; width: 350px;","class":"media-element file-large-image","data-delta":"3","format":"content_full_width","field_image_accreditation[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"JOIN US"}},"attributes":{"alt":"JOIN US","style":"height: 250px; width: 800px; border-width: 2px; border-style: solid;","class":"media-element file-content-full-width","data-delta":"3"}}]]  

Here are top 5 mistakes startups usually do while hiring, and a few points to ponder over for how to overcome these mistakes.

1. Over-promising the candidates

Just for getting the job seekers on their doors, startup recruiters often over-promise salaries and other workplace aspects which inflates the expectations of the potential candidate. Overpromising a candidate has never won long-term returns for the business of any organization and it certainly poses a great threat to the growth process of the startup. Promising a candidate a good work culture, flexible work hours and when he starts working, treating him in just the opposite way as promised, making him work for longer hours can create a negative candidate experience which is not good for the company in the long run.

To avoid all this problem, it is very essential that both the parties present themselves honestly while the recruiting process. The recruiters of the startup need to be aware of the motivation and skills of the candidates and offer accordingly. The candidates must be told exactly what is expected from them and the true aspects of the vacancy as well as the aim and requirements of the startup. 

2. Hiring someone to do a bit of everything

As they say, ‘To do two things at once, is to do neither!’

Most startups while hiring, expect too much from the candidates. They tend to hire a person for a particular job and load him with a number of other minor tasks forcing him to multitask, just for the sake of cutting cost on hiring someone else. By doing this, no doubt the time consumption for a particular project reduces, but the quality of work is compromised. Moreover, it may be too stressful for the employee to work efficiently.

Recruiters at startup need to realize that if they hire a programmer and he is given the job to write a blog for the company’s website, he may end up messing both the jobs.

A proper employment plan is needed for the service of the startup to be of higher quality. Specific functions of a business should be staffed with specialists. Hiring different people for distinct tasks and distributing the different genres of work among the employees and providing them proper guidelines and realistic deadlines are some of the ways through which quality, as well as good candidate experience, can be ensured.

3. Not Analyzing Why Hiring Quality is Low

Successful entrepreneurs, owners of excellently established companies have adopted the technique of streamlining and filtering candidates, but startups, being new to the recruitment field, often fail to do so!

If the hiring quality is not at per with the requirement, it can lead to the hiring of the wrong candidate which is expensive, costly to the work environment, and time-consuming.

The speed and quality of the hiring process can be closely analyzed & increased by breaking down each and every step of the recruitment process, from deciding the most relevant platform for publishing the job opening to preparing a list of accurate questions and the policy of the final interview of the candidates.

4. Taking someone on as a partner because you can’t afford to hire him.

Every startup owner wants to make sure that the success of his company is achieved by providing the finest quality to its clients. Higher quality of work requires human resources with higher quality of skills and such candidates expect their employers to pay them accordingly. Many times startups cannot afford to pay skilled people initially. So, instead of hiring them as employees, they end up bringing them on board as a partner in the business.

But as the business expands and so does the profits earned, the person who was to be hired as an employee and given a fixed salary now gets a big chunk of profit share of the business. Not able to afford a couple of thousand bucks can lead a firm into sharing maybe 40% of 100 million dollars! Makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?

An excellent solution to this problem is to have a properly planned funding initially. Outsourcing certain projects or work on a pay scale basis can also help a lot in this situation. Working out on an arrangement to provide guidelines and advisories to not so experienced employees can also be an excellent way to avoid this problem.

5. Spending too much money on job portals & recruitment softwares

For succeeding in the race of seeking and hiring the most talented candidates, often startups spend too much on various job portals to publish their job openings. Thousand of bucks are spent on the misconception that job portals have an expansive reach and the best of the candidates. However it’s not quite true! Companies also spend huge money on fancy Applicant Tracking Systems which are too complex, too many buttons, too many features and useless results. It’s a fact that job portals & some applicant tracking systems are way too expensive and instead of spending thousands of bucks on them, startups can invest that capital in their budget for marketing and branding purpose. 

Organizations should undertand they must use the recruitmemt tools which are affordable, easy to use and does what exaclty it says.

An alternative to this expensive problem is quite simple – There are many affordable applicant tracking system with a free job board like Recooty which lets a company publish its job openings directly on its website, track & manage applicants from simple dashboard, schedule interviews & hire smartly. These software are also integrated to Google Job Board which gives huge exposure to your job openings.  

These affordable recruitment tools can make the whole hiring process for a startup as easy as ever, quick, hassle-free and also quite affordable.

Building a great and efficient team is never easy. Especially for a startup, where the experience for everything is for the very first time, it can prove to be quite challenging. But the key to success is to never give up and work hard and learn from the failures.

Happy hiring! 

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