I’m here at the Health and Wellbeing at Work conference and exhibition in Birmingham, with some tips fresh from the Employment Law seminars. It’s a busy affair with lots of people on the exhibition floor and the conference sessions upstairs are also packed.

Discussion group leader Rob Woollen is there with his company, Rightway, offering free Reiki and massage, bottles of water and avice on how to make your workplace healthier. He’s launching his new training programmes designed to better meet the needs of his clients. I’ve also met Rory Murphy of Water Wellpoint as well as lots of other wellbeing specialists. Water Wellpoint assessed me on their six vital signs using one of their wellbeing kiosks. It’s a clever system which means you can check your BMI, blood pressure and body fat content and more, in the office, without having a doctor or nurse present. You can then get advice on how you can improve your reading and see the difference next time.

Altogether there’s a range of people from healthcare and wellness providers to yoga retreats and fitball fanatics. And not a cupcake in sight, unlike truLondon and CIPD ACE last year!

The conference is divided into several themes, such as disease, musculoskeletal and stress. I went to see Teresa Dolan, head of employment and partner at Hammonds LLP, talk about how to get the most out of back to work interviews. Here I’ve put together some tips:

I hope these tips prove useful: it was an interesting talk for sure. I notice there’s been a lot of discussion about the new fit note coming into action next month at the exhibition; we’ll be getting advice and comment on it here on HRzone in the next few weeks, and you can see advice from ACAS themselves here

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