Writing a good resume could easily land you a great job and with the help of the internet, this job is much easier. There are dozens of websites, where you have access to often free CV templates and you can focus on getting everything written in the most compelling manner. While the downside is that your resume will look like all the rest, the usage of templates is becoming widely adopted. So to help you stand out of the crowd, here are my top tips for using CV templates:

Customize as Much as Possible

The fact that you’ve chosen particular resume template, doesn’t mean you are stuck with the formatting and colors. This is your own CV and to help you land the job you apply for, it must express yourself. There is no better way to do that, than to employ your own colors and formatting!

Don’t Choose Templates Others Use

Probably the easiest way to find resume templates is via Microsoft Word, but since everyone is using it, you will have hard time standing out. Don’t try to do what everyone else does – either write your resume from scratch or choose service with unique templates, my favorite ones are the Kukook CV templates. The more original and authentic your resume is, the higher chances you have to impress the employer and get the job.

Consider Creating Your Own Template

If you can’t find a template that matches your requirements and most importantly underlines your skills, its best to create your own. While this sounds like really time-consuming activity, it actually isn’t – you can get inspiration from existing templates and combine them to create the best CV for you!

How About Resume Builders?

While many people think resume templates are the fastest way to write a resume, there actually is even faster approach – with resume builders i.e. generators. With these services you simply fill in a basic form (or connect with professional networking account, like Linkedin) and your resume is exported in ready-to-use PDF. Unfortunately, these files are in some cases not rendered well by job application websites, so keep this in mind when searching for a service.

Can You Skip the Resume?

In many industries, the CV is an essential part of the recruitment process and not having one, almost immediately means you will not be hired. However, with the surge of online job opportunities, especially for writing and creative projects, for some people the CV is actually not that essential.

For professionals involved in this industry, what’s most important is to showcase their skills by providing samples of previously completed work. In those cases, an account at about.me, LinkedIn or simple portfolio on Behance could easily showcase all your skills and qualifications.