It’s a well known fact that today’s business world is vastly different than it was even ten years ago.

Today, thanks to advanced technology and social media, the process of attracting and hiring employees has completely transformed. So how do HR departments handle these drastic changes and hire worthy talent? They use real-time video. 

Video chat is on the rise when it comes to attracting and hiring valuable employees, as well as those that are already on the workforce. Companies are taking advantage of all aspects of this technology, from decreased costs to increased productivity.

Here are just a few advantages of HR departments can benefit from using real-time video chat technology:

Widens your Talent Pool

Thanks to the internet and global exposure, your company can attract potential employees from all over the world. This opens up the talent pool considerably because you can choose the best candidate from anywhere in the world.

You will attract the best talent because potential employees want to work for innovative companies – like ones who use the latest technologies.

Once you have found a potential candidate, you can interview them via video; this may not be as optimal as an in-person interview, but it will help to gauge how well they will fit into the role you’re trying to fill.

You can still get a sense of personality, ask direct questions and observe body language. 

Better Training Sessions

Training sessions can be done from any region to provide interactive training for their team, regardless of location.

These sessions allow for real-time interactions between team members and managers so that questions can be addressed immediately. 

Imagine having team members in Shanghai who have to wait more than 12 hours for a response from their in Chicago; that would cut down on productivity and could raise the risk for human error when things need to be done quickly.

Improves Engagement for Local & Remote Employees

Video chat technology allows greater levels of communication between local and global team members.

Remote employees will feel more connected and have a greater rapport with other employees, building a team environment.

Helps Prevent & Resolve Conflict

E-mail and other written communications are valuable, yet there are situations where communication becomes unclear or misconstrued, which leads to conflict and miscommunication.

As Tony Zhao the CEO of a video chat company says, “Communication has come a long way in helping remote workers interact as if they are in the same room. However, regional variations in Wi-Fi/3g/4G stability or handheld devices can cause poor interactions. This is why it is important to set up redundancies and a network of databases around the world."

Real-time video chat provides a crystal clear quality of communication, where all methods of communication can be interpreted (body language, inflections of speech, etc.).

Accelerates Decision-Making

Remote and long-distance employees now have the ability to show (not tell) decision makers what they are working on and gain input in real time, no matter where everyone is located.

Real-time video chat can help streamline your hiring process, as well as giving both employees and managers the resources they need to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Have you thought about using video chat in your HR department? Are there other ways of using video chat that would benefit organizations?

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