Gone are the days of stone-age, time consuming and error-prone employee time and attendance systems like punch cards. The future of human resources is looking bright, as the latest trends and technology in biometrics are making old fashioned systems look as primitive as Fred Flintstone punching in with a stone tablet munched by a dinosaur. 

Punch cards and bundy clocks simply cannot rival biometric terminals, as they are prone to employees doctoring figures or clocking on behalf of their friends – a situation that means financial losses for the business as well as inaccurate on-site lists during evacuations.

A recently released Frost & Sullivan report underscored the fact that fingerprint recognition looks set to remain the leading biometric technology for at least the next few years. The report explains that, due to their accuracy, multimodal biometrics will continue to grow. A Markets and Markets report published last month echoed this trend, estimating the multi-factor authentication market (which consists of tokens, passwords, PINs, and biometrics) is poised to reach a staggering USD 10.75 billion in the next 6 years.

Mitrefinch biometric devices, in a strategic partnership with industry leaders Lumidigm, eliminate the need for passwords or swipe cards – employees simply place a finger on the biometric sensor and time and attendance data is recorded. Employees can be easily enrolled at the biometric terminal rather than having to produce ID cards or issue proximity fobs – which can be particularly time consuming for organisations with a high number of casuals.