Good news everyone – our Twitter chats are back!

We recently patnered up with Track Surveys to host a Twitter Q&A on the topic of training ROI – how hard it is to quantify and measure, how necessary it is, and how best to communicate this to other areas of the business. 

It's a contentious issue, and one we're sure you all have opinions and experiences of!

Here were the questions we asked:

1.Is it possible to truthfully track training ROI?

2.What mistakes are companies currently making with tracking training ROI?

3.In which areas is the need for measurement of ROI holding training back?

4.Leadership development is so crucial yet so hard to track. What can we do?

5.Soft skills training – is there a more effective way to measure outcomes here?

We were joined by several members of our community for the discussion, including editor Jamie Lawrence, Jo Ayoubi from Track Surveys and Niall Gavin (one of our favourite L&D speakers). Take a look at the chat below, and keep a look out for our next Twitter chat!

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