Keeping track of your work and home life is easier now than ever, thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology. The overload of apps in the market today makes managing your life simpler and more effective. If you currently go everywhere with your smartphone or tablet, you can download a variety of apps for your device to reap the benefits of saved time and enhanced productivity.

Hold Mobile Conferences Anywhere with UberConference

With the UberConference app, you can transform your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop into a conference line. It allows you to automatically ring up people who are supposed to attend the conference call, so that no one forgets or shows up late. It comes with great features like the ability to mute out noisy callers and showcases photos and details about the callers on the line. Simply put your mouse over the photo and you can click on links to the individual’s social media profiles.

Maintain Your Mail with Inbox Pause

If you’re like most people, you have lots of emails that pass through your inbox on a daily basis. Getting “new mail” notifications can be very distracting, especially when you’re trying to work. Some people are addicted to checking their emails every time they get a new message. You can try turning off the app altogether, but if you forget to turn it back on, you risk missing important emails. With Inbox Pause, you can pause your inbox while you’re working. Once the time expires, it will unpause, allowing you to get notices once again.                                                                                                      

Block Blue Light with F.lux

With F.lux app, you’ll enable your device to adjust its own screen brightness and colors according to the time of day. For example, when it nears bedtime, the blue light will be filtered out, so that it doesn’t interrupt your sleep patterns. Instead, it will be replaced with an amber glow. You’re given full control over how you’d like to customize how the display shifts.

Keep Track of Drafts and Sent Messages with Boomerang

Those who are using Gmail can make use of the Boomerang app, which will allow you to create drafts and schedule them to be sent at a later time. It will even notify you when you haven’t heard back about an important email you sent a week ago. If a cluttered inbox distracts you, you can temporarily clear your inbox, then return the emails once you have time to read them.

Limit Your Computer Time with RescueTime

A lot of us spend way too much unproductive time on the computer, which can eat up our time to do more productive things. If you want to keep track of how long you’re on the computer, so that you can limit your activities, you can use the app called RescueTime. The Lite version is free and allows you to record how long you’ve been on Web sites and apps. You’re even able to set goals and it will email you weekly reports of your progress.

Set Up Quick Launch Keys with Launchy

Being able to quickly open up commonly used programs at the touch of a button can make your workflow faster. With Launchy, you can assign hotkeys to the different programs, which can be a combination of keys, like Ctrl+9+/. There are already over 120,000 people using it, allowing folks to forget about menus and icons that typically clutter their desktops.

Touch Up Photos Using GIMP

If you aren’t able to afford the more expensive manipulation software, you should try using GIMP for basic retouching. This app allows you to create layers, scale, rotate, add text and paint photos, among other things. When you need to create photos of your presentations on short notice, this will save you time and potentially your presentation. It can also be used for personal use.

Remember Your Passwords with LastPass

With all of the different user accounts we use today — between email, social media, financial accounts and apps — it’s no surprise that we tend to forget some of the passwords. Writing down your password in a notebook near your desk is risky. So to combat this, you can use LastPass, which is an app that will remember all of your login info and even assists you with creating unique passwords. If you like to shop on the Internet, you can use this app to streamline your shopping experience across a variety of sites, including Amazon, EBay and PayPal.

With the advent of various mobile apps, you can streamline your home and work life seamlessly.  

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