We live in a branded world. A world in which a brand is a promise. The world’s leading businesses recognise the importance of their brand identity, they do not leave it to chance, they realise that there is far too much at stake!

The same is true of you. When your brand is clear and powerful, you can increase your earning potential and individual success because others will recognise the unique value you add. It is so important that we brand ourselves correctly to ensure we gain trust and respect from others.

‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’ – Oscar Wilde

So how can we Brand ‘You’ using the 5P’s?


When someone hears your name, what do you want them to think? Slow worker? Never listens? Enthusiastic? Passionate? Goes the extra mile?

Be in control of how others perceive you and show others what you stand for.


Your proposition is a promise that you must keep. This is your core competency, your USP (Unique selling point), a bold statement.

This is often shown as a strapline which summarises you in a few words and differentiates from competitors.

Some examples of this could include:


Give your brand a voice that communicates who you are through every touch point:

After all, within 30 seconds people judge your education, economic level, social position and level of success.

And, within 4 minutes people decide your trustworthiness, intelligence, capability, reliability, friendliness and confidence


Get yourself out there using your contacts, your network, whatever resources you have to promote ‘you’ and promote the good you do – don’t assume it will always be noticed.

You already ‘know’ 62,500 people because each of us have around 250 contacts. How well you know them…that’s another issue!

Funky Business quotes – ‘Nothing the slightest bit amazing has ever been done in isolation. Individual competitiveness = what you know x who you know.’


‘There is a very, very fine line between success and failure….it is about being constantly hammered and coming back from the hard times and low moments’ Robbie Brozin, Nandos

The most successful people are those who – despite being knocked back – return to reinforce their message with more power and meaning continuously.

You are your own brand!

Branding ‘you’ can open so many opportunities. We are responsible for our own success.

Brand ‘you’rself correctly and reap the rewards!

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