Read the news headlines and you will see countless articles telling terrifying stories of how automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are beginning to take over countless industries. Those industries that are threatened the most are those who deal in front-office and back-office operations. The number of tasks a business can automate is vast and increasing.

There are literally a ton of great services out there that offer everything from virtual accounting to virtual bookkeeping. People have even found ways to run virtual office assistance from anywhere in the world. It has gotten to the point where there is no longer a need to have personnel onsite.  

Let’s take a look at some of the things HR is usually responsible for and see how much of it is automated.

There could be others listed as well but you should get the general point. Looking at all the things that are automated in the Human Resources industry, what is the point in any company hiring an actual HR team who will only cost lots of money and take up space – at least that is how the smart business people will begin to see it.

Everyone remembers the old saying: If you can’t beat them, join them. That is the point in this article. If you and your associates thought it was hard to launch a tech startup, think again. It is not that hard to get one off the ground. For you who are in the HR management field, are in fear of machines taking your jobs, then why not face the enemy head-on and use your HR knowledge to bring something new to the table?

It’s Really Easy To Launch A Startup – For Real, It Is

Granted, launching a business startup is not for everyone. If it was, then everyone would be launching them. But who is to say you can’t be one of those who do? Don’t be frightened by the statistics that tell the frightening story of how nine out of ten startups fail. Again, who says your startup has to be the one that fails?

In actuality, it is easier than ever to launch startups these days. Going online and taking a quick look and you’ll see plenty of great business loans out there. And don’t let the idea of getting a loan for an automated HR business scare you. In all honesty, it might not cost you as much money as you think. The average startup funding for a virtual Human Resources startup is between $2,000 and $10,000.

Your Target Market: Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

These type of clients either don’t have an HR department because they feel they are too small to have one or are looking to downsize and get rid of their present HR department. Maybe it seems kind of underhanded to do your fellow HR colleagues like that, but in this cruel world of automation, it is either you or them.

As far as the equipment you’ll need, you most likely already have it on hand: you’ll need a printer, fax machine, file cabinets, all of the necessary software and you are all set. Of course, they may be other things I didn’t think of right off hand but it doesn’t take much to fill in all of the blanks. It is at the very least something for you to think about.

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