Yesterday in Vision, optimism, honesty & Leadership part 1 I explored my own personal relationship to these behaviours as I used the Frameworks for change Coaching Process (FCP). I promised then to share how this process and these behaviours particularly might be applied to the Apprentice and here it is: 

To more accurately reflect how it’s used in practice I’m going to assume the cards are being picked by last night’s losing team as they sit in the cafe before “You’re Fired”. I obviously can’t ask them for their response and insight to the cards but can identify the areas I’d be looking to ensure they raised for discussion: 


I’d certainly want to understand what vision they thought they had – particularly in relation to the vision for the team. Melody knew she wanted to win but didn’t seem to connect with the larger vision for the team to win. Splitting the team up very early meant it was even more important to have a clearly communicated vision and for this to develop over the task. Here I’d hope they’d appreciate the need to be clearer about the products, market, customers, retail outlets, pricing strategy etc. 


What I thought particularly interesting was the impact of optimism if used with an underlying limiting or even incorrect belief. Melody never liked the idea of the car seat/back pack and therefore viewed the ‘market research’ from these beliefs which in turn impacted her actions. The same was true with Leon and the need to speak French. Both would benefit from understanding how their beliefs impact what they pay attention to. A clearer vision would have enabled the optimism to be directed appropriately. 

You spent time wallowing in a state of negativity and unexpressed resentment

I’d certainly want to get Tom to express his feelings and understand how to do this earlier in the future. There may be other resentments that need airing too.

(Yesterday another blog caught my eye ‘how positivity almost ruined my business’ and realised that we can wallow in positivity as much as negativity.) 


I’d be asking them all to be honest with themselves about their contribution to the outcome? In this setting I think it unlikely they’d voice this openly with the group. In a work/team/project environment I’d be encouraging this. 


A clearer vision would have enabled the optimism to be directed appropriately and we might then have seen more leadership from Tom with him following his ‘gut’ rather than using ‘scissors, rock, stone’ to make his decisions! I’d also be asking Melody to reflect on her leadership style and how it could be used more constructively and effectively if earlier learning discussed here were applied. 

And there you have it different insights from the same cards by simply acting as if they apply to the current situation. We’d obviously have had different insights from the team members themselves and that’s when the process really comes alive. 


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The process, the insight, setback and mentor cards used here are from the Frameworks for Change coaching process © Innerlinks –