Recognise This! – Motivating others takes much more than a platitude hung on the wall.

Typically when I see articles titled “How to Motivate Employees” my back goes up a little. Motivation is complex and as much the responsibility of the person you’re trying to motivate as it is you own as a manager or leader.

The infographic below (from Business Management Degrees) is different. It zeros in on the number one challenge for leaders asked to motivate others – first, know thyself. Know your own style, strengths, weaknesses, ways of leading and interacting with others. Know your own EQ – emotional intelligence. Until you know this about yourself, it is harder to notice and appreciate the styles and preferences of those you lead. And until you truly care about their needs, your ability to lead, motivate and accomplish great things through others will be limited.

Read through the infographic below and tell me, what’s your emotional leadership style?