I do remember the first executive I coached…it was back in 2005.
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Here was his time schedule:

7.30 He gets up and has his breakfast (and kisses his wife…not all the time)

8.25 He switches on his computer

8.30 He checks his emails

9.10 He goes on news websites and other websites

9.40 He starts scouting through job boards

11.00 After identifying a couple of ads, he reviews his CV and starts elaborating

a cover letter for each position (10-20 positions)

12.30 It is time for Lunch

13.30 Back to computer and some readings, finishes off his cover letters

15.00 A couple of emails, website searches, applications on corporate websites (it takes for ever)

16.00 He searches for info about his industry, and other tools about the job search: CV, cover letter

17.00 Phone calls with friends and a couple of colleagues

18.00 His wife is back, and he prepares dinner

And it was like that every single day…

Does it look like your time schedule?

If it does, it is time to stop and think about it. What have I done my whole day?

You spend your day web loafing, and web loafing is not an efficient way of looking for a job.

Do you know how many people applied for the same position you did?

Probably more than 100.

So stop web-loafing, spend maximum 2-4 hours per day on internet, and the remaining time just go out.

Go out for networking meetings, go out for professional conferences, go out for friends meetings, go out for industry meetings, go out for toastmasters, go out to write an article about a specific topic on your blog, go out to learn something useful in your job search…

Stop web-loafing because we can spend hours on the internet without doing anything.

Hidden behind your screen?

Facebook, Linkedin, myspace…so many opportunities to kill time just reading.

Ah, by the way, the executive I talked to you about found a job through networking…one of his ex colleague was working at Google and introduced him there.