Company benefits are often thought of as being mainly beneficial to employees – but with more than a quarter of workers saying their benefits package influenced their decision to stay in the job, the advantage to employers is also significant.  A strong benefits package can keep your employees happy and productive and loyal to your company.

If you’re reviewing your benefits package at the moment, or are considering implementing one for the first time, then we’ve compiled a list of the most appreciated company benefits.  Flexible benefits packages are popular, as employees will all be in different stages of life with different needs and requirements.  These are the most desired company benefits you should think about offering to retain the best staff:

Company Cars

There are many options when it comes to putting in place a company fleet, and they’re not all as pricey as you may think.  There are plenty of options for companies with 5 employees to 5 million, such as salary sacrifice schemes, reduced cost vehicles, company cars and cash allowances to hire, purchase or lease a vehicle.

Health and Life Insurance

Private health insurance packages are rapidly growing in popularity as a benefit amongst the UK workforce, as an NHS shake-up appears evident.  From health screening programmes to full private medical insurance to pay the cost of treatment, there are a few options for employers through a group risk benefit.  Life insurance is the backbone of most benefit packages throughout the nation, which puts employees with families high on the agenda.

Gym Membership

Exclusive gym memberships add a touch of luxury to a benefits package that otherwise seems like jargon.  Gym memberships are a great company benefit from the view of employers, as they are cost effective and appeal to all ages.  Encouraging your staff to stay healthy is also a promising aspect of a benefits package, to prevent staff sickness and promote wellbeing within the company.

Canteen Vouchers

Every staff member enjoys a token of appreciation, and with a canteen voucher they will be reminded of how much they are worth to the company on a daily basis.  Many company benefits include schemes such as life insurance or pension investments which staff can’t take advantage of right now; with canteen vouchers, your staff can spend their well earned benefits as and when they choose.

Company benefit packages are not just simply for the gain of employees – when chosen right, employers can greatly reap the rewards of company benefit schemes too.