Today, there are more ways than ever to undertake vocational training, and there are equally many arguments from all sides regarding which training courses are the most effective.

In recent years, for example, there has been a tremendous growth in the availability of online training courses; with online advocates passionately citing the many advantages this type of learning has over traditional classroom-based methods.

For a start, it is pointed out, delegates can take an online course at a time which fits in best with their working or social lives. Furthermore, with today’s mobile communications tools such as laptops, there are of course no restrictions on where such courses can take place.

Many people also prefer the fact that online courses are often divided into manageable ‘bite-size’ sessions which help the student to concentrate and take in information more easily.

Classroom-based training courses continue to have equally strong advocates.

Nothing, it is argued, can beat the advantages that classroom-based teaching has in terms of interacting with others, and the sharing of ideas and experiences. It is also pointed out that with the facility to directly question or receive real time feedback from teaching staff, this type of face-to-face teaching can be more far more efficient at avoiding confusion and learning frustrations.

Some students also say they find it is helpful being away from the distractions of their work or domestic environments.

The fact that the arguments for both on-line and classroom-based learning have substance is evidenced in the way in which many organisations offering dedicated, bespoke training for individual companies will often devise combinations of both methods.

Although with advances in new technology it is now also possible to devise sophisticated bespoke training modules for online learning, most bespoke training organisations will still wish to provide an opportunity for delegates to share observations and challenges with their trainer and peers in a classroom environment.

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