It is well known that the changing global scenario has impacted the performance appraisal structure in many ways. So, it becomes very important to confront the Realities of Performance Appraisal.

Currently, HR’s are having hard time bringing simplicity in the followed performance appraisal system. Like every individual, HR’s yearn to avoid complex systems. With the increase in competition and innovative ways of performance appraisal system adopted in different companies, it becomes difficult and challenging for HR’s to be in the race. To be specific, it is difficult to stick to simplicity.

Every organization has its own performance appraisal system. So, every employee should be well aware of the realities of performance appraisal, which plays a major role in the growth of his/her career.

So, let us discuss about certain realities of performance appraisal that can help!

These are some of the realities of performance appraisal system that one needs to keep in mind!