Employee benefits have come a long way in recent years. By just having really good employee benefits your staff will want to stay with you in the long run. Certain benefits can guarantee you will have staff looking forwards to returning to your company after long periods of absence and maternity leave. Great employee benefits can result in happy, healthy staff and a happy workforce means a happy business.

What sort of benefits might make your staff want to stay with you?

A Good Pension Scheme.

You are investing in your employees to benefit your business’ future, why not invest in theirs? With employee pension schemes of all shapes and sizes there is one you can tailor to fit your company.

Free eye tests and glasses.

This is a great benefit for office based businesses with staff sitting in front of computers all day. Employees without regular eye tests can suffer headaches and migraines if their prescriptions are wrong and this can lead to costly absences. Eye tests on their own can cost around £15 and with glasses on top, it can be expensive. Employees will be more inclined to keep up to date with eye tests and updating their prescription if their employer is offering to contribute.

Childcare Vouchers.

Working parents really enjoy going back to work and getting back to their daily routine after having babies. However, employees with children find it very difficult to work full time hours. With childcare costing £25 – £50 a day for under 4 years olds many employees find this cost unjustifiable. Due to the fact employees may not earn much more than that per day themselves many new parents will often put off going back to work after maternity leave until their child is at school. If you offer discounted childcare you would ensure you get your valued staff members back after they have had children. You would also ensure the parents of older children can work full time hours without feeling as if they are wasting all their money on childcare.

Gym Discounts.

The gym can do great things to your physical and mental health. If you work in an office all day and drive to and from work you have no outlet for stretching your legs and getting some exercise in your day to day routine. Sitting down all day can lead to bad backs and laziness in mind as well as body. With employee discounts for the gym you can encourage your staff members to lead healthier lifestyles – something as an employer will benefit your business in the long run. The gym allows your staff to let off steam preventing tempers rising in the office.

Free private health care insurance.

This benefit will help your employees get their health care issues sorted out at the first signs of illness. Long waiting lists for free health care results in staff taking time off.  Waiting lists can be shorter in the private healthcare sector and can result in healthier, happier staff. Of course, there is no point in having a comprehensive employee benefits package if you do not make it clear and easily available to your staff. Clear communications and employee benefits software will help your staff understand the benefits package you’re offering.

Remember: benefits do not just benefit your employees. Investing in your staff force is investing in your business.