When we’re up the creek without a paddle the first step is to Stop and I shared many things to think about when Stopping in April and May. That is we stop the headless chicken impersonations and release the fear and start to consider our own health and wellbeing. Before heading out of the creek the next step is to put on our Life jacket. That is to get into a positive and confident state of mind – to truly know that we can handle whatever life throws at us.

Yesterday I shared a great quote from Marianne Williamson reminding us to shine our light and remember that we’re brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. That might be easy for some but if we’re up a creek I can guarantee that the doubts will start to creep in. It’s useful therefore to have techniques up our sleeves to keep us afloat.

One action is to consider the view as you sit at your desk, in your car, on your sofa or even when you take that comfort break? Does the view inspire or not? And if not what changes can you make to provide a little more inspiration?

The plate I decorated with Marianne’s quote and shared yesterday is one way I stay inspired. I have many more reminders in the office, on my fridge, in the bathroom – all over the house: cards that make me smile that people have sent me, drawings from friends children, inspirational words, quotes and pictures, inspirational books, funny t-shirts (Little miss sunshine is a particular favourite) etc etc. Others may find listening to music an inspiration and so a compilation of your favourite tunes to listen will help.

The key is noticing what maintains your positivity and confidence and doing them more. It’s certainly one of the quickest ways out of the creek.

What helps you maintain your positivity?