Recognise This! – The ability to focus on others and not just yourself is critical to success in today’s workplace.

What do you want most in your employees? A good work ethic? Trustworthiness? A non-complainer?

Recently in TLNT, Editor John Hollon dissected research from OI Partners on what employee qualities managers most look for. These two in particular intrigued me, in the first and third most important positions (customer satisfaction is number 2):

This is a very interesting observation. A primary outcome of the recession is dramatically reduced work teams with many people taking on the roles of at least one or two other people. Now, employers are often reluctant to rehire, pleased with the false sense of increased productivity that simply isn’t sustainable in the long term. As a consequence, many employees band together under these increased pressures just to simply survive. Functioning in this way over the long-term, however, requires trust and the ability to share the accolades with team members.

There’s no better way for employees to keep each other motivated and engaged than through peer-to-peer social recognition. When all employees are empowered to recognise and appreciate the contributions and successes of any other, then they become more engaged in their own work as well as the work of their colleagues.

What do you value most in employees?

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