With the Olympics taking place in London in 2012 and athletes looking forward to what could be the biggest year of their lives, it got us thinking about how we can help all our clients perform to the peak of their potential more often. 

We did some research amongst our clients to discover what were the stand out moments of 2011, 2010 and previous years, only to find out that many of them could only call to mind a couple of major life achievements within the last 10 years.  
So, how about you?  If you had to list your major successes of the recent years, what would they be?
Chances are your list might include finding a new partner, getting married, earning a promotion, having a child, completing a sporting event or making a key contribution to society.  But have you managed something notable every year?  And can you remember how good these achievements made you feel?  Wouldn’t you like to experience these positive feelings of success and fulfillment more often?
We believe that every year should be marked with notable progress on life’s journey, so we devised a workshop to help people establish what they would most like to achieve with their health and wellness in 2012, and then make a clear plan to ensure they are able to fulfill their ambitions.
During the workshop we focus on developing a number of highlight moments for the coming year and then we show participants how to guarantee their goals come to fruition.  
So what about you?  What will your greatest achievements be for next year?  In what ways do you want your organisation to flourish through 2012?
Get in touch if you’d like us to help your staff make plans for their best wellness year ever and ensure they are fully equipped with the right attitudes and strategies to make their plans a reality.  Full details of the workshop can be found at www.The-TonicWorkshops.com
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