Open courses are a great way to learn and build your skills for the workplace.  In-house training is, of course, always beneficial and has the added bonus of being bespoke for your team, but an open course offers you the chance to explore and pick up new skills in a unique way.

Firstly, the venue.

It’s great to get out of the office for a day, it puts an extra spring in your step right from the off, that’s obvious. That spring in the step indicates more than an upward inflection in your emotional state, however; that spring in the step is the shift of engagement you need to throw yourself in to a learning environment with maximum gusto and squeeze every last drop of juice from it.  That spring in the step is essential to jolt you out of your normal pattern and put you in the right place for learning. So stealing away for a day out of your office is more than simply a pleasant outing, it sets you off on the path for personal development.

Second, the people.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a set of new faces. The established relationships of your working life can be inhibiting, they’re defined and roles can be set. Developing new skills necessarily involves putting yourself on the line and risking a bit of positive failure, which can be difficult in front of your boss, best mate or line manager. Working with a group of new people is liberating – not only are there no preconceptions, there are also no expectations. Everyone is there for the first time, looking to learn and sharing the experience together.

Third, the kudos…

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