For anyone worried about taking time off work to see a GP, or trying to get an appointment (often hard with packed out surgerys right now) I wanted to let you know that HSF health plan, is a wonderful and very cost effective (starts at £1 per week) that offers a free 24 hour GP helpline, that you can ring and get through to a GP straight away and spend as long as you need to talk over symptoms.  Last week I got a virus and was very worried.  I tried to get a GP appt, but not only was it too busy, but I really could not leave the house.  I rang up and spoke to a GP at 11pm and they really helped put my mind at rest and gave some good advice.  Since starting a new business and working freelance, getting time off is hard.  HSF offers dental & opitcal cover and is free for your partner and children too.