We’re delighted to have just been put on the approved supplier list for the UK Sport World Class Coaching Elite Programme. This means we could end up coaching one of the elite coaches for the GB Olympics team for Rio 2016. ‘Wow’ was our initial thought. Swiftly followed by ‘Gulp’. The thought of having to coach some of the best coaches in the business is a daunting, but then on reflection – and based on our own experience – coaches are probably the group who adapt most readily to coaching, and also whom get the least opportunity to actually have coaching.

I know from my own experience that taking time out to have coaching is incredibly beneficial, and takes a lot of discipline and planning to make it happen. Whilst the idea – and ultimate ambition – of self coaching is powerful and fulfilling, I find there is nothing like the external perspective, challenge and support that an external person can bring. It is difficult to break away from our own mental models and patterns, despite understanding all of the theory and having had thousands of hours of practice!

So, with those words of reassurance in mind, I look forward to the next chapter. And if you are in doubt as to whether to have a coach – even if you are a fabulous coach yourself – then that doubt could be a sure sign that a coach would be very helpful indeed. It reminds me of Daniel Kahneman’s book:  Thinking, Fast and Slow (Doubleday Canada, 2011) where he separates ‘fast thinking’ from ‘slow thinking’. Coaching is about slowing down and carefully examining your thoughts, patterns and assumptions. Worth a dose in a busy world………………………….

by Jason Miller

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