Whilst in personal training (PT) today I achieved a 27% reduction in time – I’m giving 15% to improved fitness and 12% to positivity and me setting a totally unrealistic target!

In January I set out on a new regime to improve my fitness. Lots of reasons for setbacks in 2010 – no excuses in 2011! 6 weeks ago it took me just under 27 mins to do the circuit – a mix of weights, crunches and running. Today I managed it in just over 19 mins!! Somewhere in between would have been realistic but I had the idea I wanted the number under 20mins!

I’m sure the fact that I set the target had an impact. If my PT had set the target I’m sure I’d have resisted and never have achieved what I did.

Just wondering at work if we allow others to set the unrealistic and stretching targets for themselves if we’ll all get more done?

Alison Smith
Helping purchasing relationships achieve stretching targets