If you have a medium sized or larger company, it can be difficult to ensure that you create a cohesive corporate culture that everybody in the business understands, as well as to make sure important information makes its way to every person in every team. Equally, when teams work on different things it can be difficult to give a sense of what everybody within the business is achieving.

The Company Newsletter

Generally, one of the best ways to get something out to everyone and give an opportunity for successes and priorities to be shared is to publish a company newsletter. It can be a way to reinforce company values and strengthen the sense of all departments driving towards a shared vision, but aside from these more lofty things, it can also be a good way to share smaller successes that people in disparate teams may not know about otherwise. Did your sales team recently win a major new client? It is good for everyone to know this, but without a way of sharing things like this, perhaps your IT support team or your HR administrator might never know!

Why Print It?

It may be tempting to simply email out your newsletter, or to just add a new page to the company intranet whenever there is news to share and send out a link encouraging people to read it. However, this is actually not as effective as issuing nice looking printed copies. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, staff who work in front of their computers and are always on their email get so bombarded with news that they may be inclined to skip anything that isn’t urgent while they are at their desks. A printed newsletter, assuming you always make the content interesting and nice to read, is something they can keep on their desk and look at when they feel like a break, or even browse through on their commute home. They can’t delete it without physically throwing it away, and if it looks nice, they won’t want to do that!

Secondly, you probably have some staff who aren’t as engaged with their computers as your desk based people. Engineers who work out in the field, for example, may not be as accustomed to browsing the intranet when they have a free moment. Your call centre people may not even have e-mail accounts.

Do a Professional Job

A corporate newsletter is for the benefit of staff, but that doesn’t mean you should do it on the cheap! A cost effective but professional printing company, for example Print-Print.co.uk, can make something that is not only appealing for your staff to read but is also something you can leave in reception areas for people like clients or potential hires to read.

If you include good content and make it something of quality, then your newsletter can be something that employees will enjoy reading, and which you can use to strengthen your company culture and general morale.

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