Employer brand is quite often mentioned in the same sentence with human resources and recruitment. Especially large corporations make a clear difference between the company or product brand and the employer brand.

When I was writing this article, I started to think why should we treat these brands separately? In my point of view everything that shows outside is part of the employer brand by default. Every product, service, piece of content or even third party opinions are part of the employer brand. I dare to claim that there is only ONE BIG BRAND for the company that is for every employee to cherish. YES, EVERY EMPLOYEE! Of course there are more efforts done by human resources and recruitment, but the point is that everyone should care.

Here you find some points how to approach this one big brand:



“Leading brands are investing resources to create a workforce of engaged brand ambassadors. The result is a win/win. The company benefits from more authentic communication, and employees build personal brands. At the core of this approach is trust, authenticity, and transparency—the cultural pillars essential for activating the workforce around social business best practices. The net result:  Branding from the inside out.”

— Mark Burgess, President of Blue Focus Marketing

You can follow the progress and insights about employee advocacy from an interesting blog. This is Smarp company blog featuring a lot of guest content and case stories.