It’s October; the government’s new auto-enrolment pensions initiative is fast approaching and you need to make sure that you and your company are ready!

With the government’s national advertising campaign hitting the streets it’s only natural that employees are going to start asking questions. Rightly they are going to want to know how these changes will affect them, when these changes will happen and most importantly what are you doing about it?

An effective employee communication strategy is imperative when handling large changes throughout your organisation. Even if your auto-enrolment ‘start date’ seems far off, don’t wait; the sooner you start open communication between employer and employee the sooner you can put your employees minds at rest.

As employee communication specialists we advise undertaking a phased communication strategy, addressing each stage of the change separately: Awareness, education, pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

It’s is important to keep your employees at the forefront of your mind; put yourself in their shoes when composing your communications, addressing issues you know will be important to them. Here are a few top tips for your employee communication strategy:

  1. Engage hearts and minds – fulfilling statutory requirements won’t cut it
  2. Educate, inform but also inspire employees
  3. Keep things simple, clear and jargon free
  4. Build brand ‘foundations’ now which will put you in a good place for the future

For more information or advice on auto-enrolment and how to communicate these changes to your organisation, please get in touch [email protected]; our friendly team are here to help.

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