Recognise This! – Managers need to realign their idea of what motivates productivity to employees’ actual needs.

Today on Compensation Cafe I shared a Venn diagram by Oscar Berg:

Venn diagram showing "a decent salary" only commonality between manager and employee expecatations of productivity

In the post, I discuss why this is not all that surprising and why, more importantly, a fair and decent salary is the foundation of the work contract between employer and employee. Read the post for why I believe without a decent salary, it doesn’t matter how well we recognise, trust or encourage employees – or even closely supervise, train or frighten them.

More to the point of this blog, once that foundation has been established, managers need to quickly rethink what motivates employees to be more productive and align their management techniques accordingly. Not only does this benefit the employee, it’s significantly less of a hands-on, always-watching management technique for the manager, too!