Recognise This! – Great benefit can be gained simply by encouraging employees to deepen relationships with each other through appreciation, gratitude and story sharing.

Following on my post yesterday about global employee research from the Boston Consulting Group showing that “appreciation for my work” is the most important job aspect for employees, I wanted to share the findings of our 2014 UK and Ireland Workforce Mood Tracker survey (released today). Findings are consistent with what we see in the US, with employees highly valuing relationships at work but feeling unsupported by the organisation in building those relationships more deeply.

As I comment in the news release, this year’s survey shows that organisations would benefit greatly from celebrating their employees’ dedication to the company, as well as the strong bonds people form while at work. While many may claim that they do not have friends at work, perhaps if they were given the opportunity to see the impact they have made on their colleagues, their opinion would differ.

Work Relationships Are Critical to Quality of Work and Life, Desire to Stay

Improving Service Anniversaries a Good Way to Increase Impact of Friendships at Work

Social recognition key to increasing employee productivity

Adding a social element to recognition encourages interaction and friendships amongst colleagues. It deepens friendships, bonds people together, and provides the foundations for building trust and stronger relationships. The end result is increased engagement and a stronger company culture.

How deep are your relationships at work? Does your company culture support the formation good, positive relationships? How do these relationships affect your attitude toward your work, your colleagues and your company?

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