Well is it? Work that is, is it good for you? Do you spend your days doing something which at the end each day leaves you nourished and healthier than you started the day…….as well as delivering an awesome performance hitting all the usual targets that are expected of you?

Just to make the rest of the team jealous I’m currently sat in ‘Leon’ in Canary Wharf – it’s a favourite haunt of ours and boasts the strap line ‘Fast food that does you good’. Their promise is that they deliver nourishing, wholesome food but do it FAST, making it a viable alternative to various other lunch time city eateries.

They’ve challenged a common belief that fast food needs to be compromised in terms of price, service, speed or quality to compete. And by the way it’s heaving in here.

I spoke with a client this week who commented that ‘at least it’s Wednesday tomorrow which means I’ve broken the back of the week’.

So  I invite you to consider…….work, is it good for you? And if it isn’t how what could you do to make it so?

And as an aside I felt the need to explain my reasons for taking a picture of my lunch to a gentleman sporting a look of bemused curiosity as he picked up his lunch. His comment as he left ‘I hope you’ve been inspired’…….I certainly have!

by Carole Miller