A report published by Bupa revealed that more than two in five (44 per cent) face a ‘dramatic’ workload increase during the summer. This is due to too many people going away at the same time in over half (54 per cent) of UK companies.

At the same time, two in three employees in the UK (64 per cent) are placed under extra pressure over the summer from picking up colleagues’ work during the holiday period.

Over 2,000 workers were surveyed for the study. It showed that  two in five (43 per cent) employees are feeling a strain on resources and are under extra pressure because of staff holidays right now.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Tim Woodman, medical director at Bupa, said: “Conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety are not just winter-related issues and employers cannot afford to forget to focus on wellbeing, whatever the weather.

“Practical steps must be taken to ensure staff are not inadvertently overloaded with work and remain productive and motivated."

Even staff members that go on holiday often feel under pressure and stress just before they leave. Two in five (41 per cent) people have to put in extra hours in preparation for their own holiday.

A further one in three (32 per cent) worry about being called or emailed and being expected to respond.

The end result is employees dreading returning to the workplace once their annual leave is over.

However, there are a number of processes line managers can put in place to facilitate the return to the workplace.

The first is to ensure there is enough cover for staff members who do take leave. Spacing out the holidays of individual staff members can also help to reduce the pressure on workers in the office, who have to take on the workloads of those who have left.

Employers can do this more effectively with time and attendance systems that make it easier to organise schedules and rotas.

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