“While many firms are investing in a strong social media output, or indeed focusing their entire marketing strategy through digital and social platforms, a communications disconnect can be found at the centre of many large organisations.” Zain Wadee

At Caburn Hope we couldn’t agree more. To gain the trust of potential custom and in order for your company’s brand to succeed there needs to be consistency between your external and internal business communication. The reason for this is twofold; not only so the perception of your brand built by your external market is reflected internally, but also because your employees are your brand ambassadors. In a world of savvy consumers, they want to be know the company values and behaviours you demonstrate in your marketing activities are a honest reflection of what you actually do and that it matches a typical employee’s experience.

As your employees mirror your company’s brand to an external audience it is important that you deliver the right messages, in the right way, to your staff. This in turn will improve employee engagement whilst educating them on how the company is perceived from outside markets and how to reflect this internally. The delivery mechanism of corporate internal communication is important for engagement – not just the look, feel or content;  the employee communication strategy as a whole is what delivers impact.

Many companies are using the growth in social media platforms as an aid to their marketing techniques. Interestingly the principles behind social media, dialogue, honesty, democracy and transparency, are also the foundation for strong, effective employee communication and consequently good relations and improved employee engagement.

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