Recognize This: Even senior executives need appreciation.

Picture the members of your C-Suite in your mind. How many of them do you think are in it for the long-haul? Can you imagine any of them leaving?

Apparently, they can. According to recent research from ExecuNet and Finnegan/MacKenzie:

    “Executives’ collective satisfaction with their current leadership role and employer is demonstrably lower than their steady commitment to carry out the core and ever-evolving responsibilities of their job… Nearly any executive can be hired away at any time. If opportunity knocks, executives will take the risk to pursue it, even in an economic cycle like this.”

Just how many would consider leaving?

    “92% of CEOs and 94% of all other management respondents say a leader can be engaged in their work and with their employer but still open to considering new career opportunities with other organizations.”

Why would they consider leaving? The research delves into possibilities, but money isn’t a leading factor. I suggest another reason – even your senior executives need to be appreciated for the work they do. Even those in the ivory tower need to know that those who work for them appreciate their efforts and recognize how hard they are working.

Are you in a senior leadership position? When was the last time someone thanked you for what you do? When was the last time you felt you and your efforts were truly appreciated?

If you’re not in senior leadership, would it feel odd to you to recognize someone above you? Why? Have you ever done that? Share your story.

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