When people come to me the 1st thing they ask is: "Here is my CV/Resume, what can you do? Can you change it?"

Like in a house, you don’t start building a house with a roof, but you start with the foundations.

So 1st thing 1st is to resist to the immediate expectation of the client…"no we won’t work on your CV right now".

That’s the moment you need to explain why.

So why your CV is the roof of your house?

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Because before doing anything we need to understand who you are (values, passions) and your skills.

These are the foundations of you house. Once we have laid down the foundations, we start putting the walls (sorry my metaphor about a house construction is not accurate but I think everybody got it).

Understanding who you are and what you have done will allow us to identify the main points in your life that we can relate to your CV. The better you and I will understand your skills and personality, the more solid the foundations will be.

Now putting the walls is to understand what you want to do, what is your project?

Your roof needs to be supported by solid walls otherwise the roof will collapse. So identifying your project is key because a CV without target is like a chicken without head…you go all over the place, or translated on your CV, you put all the information you can hoping for the best.

So a roof without walls does not exist, as a CV without a clear target.

So a roof well built will protect you from the rain and any severe weather condition, as a well built CV will protect you from any crisis…

But never forget to start with the foundations first and the walls…otherwise your house won’t stand against any wind

Writing a CV without understanding your skills/strengths and without a clear target in mind is a waste of time.

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