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Book review: Winning With a Culture of Recognition by Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine


Title: Winning With a Culture of Recognition
Author: Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine
ISBN 978-0-9566291-0-4

Designing and implementing a recognition programme for any business is difficult, especially in tough times when the ‘cultural’ side of a business can be neglected in favour of ‘commercial’ survival. What Irvine and Mosley have done with this compact volume is to take us step by step through ways we can integrate an everyday, natural appreciation for our colleagues and employees that can deliver great value, increase staff satisfaction and loyalty, and build a strong corporate culture.

Using a company -‘Carametric Systems’- as a model throughout the book, we are shown how well recognition can and should work. It’s not as simple as just remembering to say ‘thank you’ – although this is a cornerstone of any recognition programme, and should never be forgotten. Irvine and Mosley detail ways in which we can bring effective, personalised and strategic recognition practice to work within companies of all sizes across various industries. Links are identified between recognition and incentives and we come to see just how effective a well-thought-out rewards programme can be.

This is a great, concise book that will make you think more contextually about how your organisation shows appreciation. It recognises the value of getting employees to ‘buy in’ to a programme, shares some valuable and interesting exercises you can complete with colleagues, and – thankfully! – dispels a great many of the myths around incentivising your employees.

A great read with bags of energy and will certainly be of value to anyone responsible for managing the culture of their organisation.


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