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Boss idols applauded


Far from loathing bosses, 80 per cent of workers admire them, according to a new survey.

Peninsula, an employment law service, quizzed 1,873 employees and 76 per cent said they had a great boss, whilst 62 per cent of respondents felt their boss is a good role model and someone that they would like to aspire to.

However, it isn’t all goods news, with just over half believing that their boss’ biggest weakness was blaming others for their own personal mistakes at work.

Alan Price, head of HR business for Peninsula, said: “There is no doubt that relationships between employee and employer are better than ever and this is great to see. Obviously a great boss is made and not born. Anyone can possess good management skills but being a good boss involves many skills, including being an effective leader, fair and a good listener.”

According to the statistics, six in 10 respondents believe that their boss is approachable and feel they can discuss problems regarding the workplace openly.

Price added that whilst it is good to aspire to be like your boss, individuality should be encouraged. “People bring their own unique qualities to the role. Each person is different with their own strengths and weaknesses. Whilst it’s good that managers and bosses are looked at as role models each person is different and a good boss will encourage and develop the qualities, skills and talents many employees possess.”

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Annie Hayes


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